Yellow Mellow

Yellow Mellow is plant dyed using a mix of mango leaf and Indian almond leaf. Medicinal benefits below 👇


Mango Leaf

🌿 Active compounds: Anti-oxidants in the form of polyphenols and terpenoids, Vitamins C, B and A, mangiferin
☄️ Powers: Can be used to promote the healing of burns and rashes on the skin and aid in collagen production
🤓 Cool Fact: Studies on "psoriasis" confirmed that the polyphenol mangiferin, found in mango leaf encourages wound healing.

Indian Almond Leaf

* Also known as Ketapang leaves
🌿 Active compounds: Methanol, flavanoids, isovitexin, vitexin, isoorientin, rutin and triterpenoiods, quercetin, corilagin, kamferolphenols, saponin
☄️ Powers: Treat dermatitis, accelerate healing of fungal/bacterial skin diseases, treat menstrual pain
🤓 Cool Fact: These leaves are used as a medicine in fish tanks to maintain the quality and regulate the pH of the water, fight bacterial and fungal injections and brighten the colour of the fish.




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