Our underwear is designed at our studio in London and ethically plant-dyed and hand-made in Indonesia.

Pamba packaging is made from 100% recycled fibres where possible or is 100% recyclable.


The super soft bamboo-terry fabric is dyed using plants native to Indonesia at an artisanal natural dye-house run by Indra. All the dye-plants have their own unique properties, many medicinal. The skin is not only the body’s largest organ, but it is also highly absorptive. To us, using natural fibres and dyes that are not only non-toxic but are breathable, anti-bacterial and actually benefit the skin in our intimate areas, just makes sense.


Once dyed, Indra then sends the fabric over to our Indonesian, female-owned manufacturer, Ami. Ami works primarily with organic fabrics and natural fibres from the small factory attached to her home. Surrounded by beautiful garden, the small studio is a tranquil place to work. Ami focuses on training young girls and single mothers in the skilled work needed to manufacture clothes and underwear. She provides sewing machines that they can take home, allowing young mothers to work from home on their own schedule and earn an income without the burden of childcare costs.

We love Ami.


Screen printed messages are produced by Angga’s small studio in Bali using water-based inks. No toxic run-off for the planet and no toxic ink on our skin. All components of Pamba pieces including elastic have been chosen for their high percentage of natural fibres, in order to be as sustainable and functional as possible and to provide maximum health and comfort benefits to the wearer.

✹ All the dye-plants have their own unique properties, many
medicinal ✹